Collective X is a team of passionate individuals who do everything and anything connected to Food and Beverage, Entertainment and Events, Leadership and Lifestyles. We share a common ethos – a commitment to clients, going the extra mile and adding value each step of the way. Specialists in the creation of bespoke lifestyle services, the team at Collective X is unique in that they take time to fully understand the clients’ needs before recommending solutions. Core specialities within the team include the rejuvenation of a brand promise, restructure of service operations, maximizing resources and working with teams to achieve optimum results.


Services offered are private and discerning – from bespoke private events for product launches to customized Michelin starred dinners, event and concert support solutions, F&B Consultancy and Lifestyle Brand developments.


Collective X works with partners in collaboration, teamwork and partnership. We are a niche service provider. We help churn a new icing for the cake which you have baked for years. If you are looking to reinvent your lifestyle brand or are looking for a customized solution for your F&B business, give us a call. We are currently serving clients in Taiwan and Singapore.


To continuously build on our passion for creating new businesses and spotting lifestyle trends.


To harness our passion for life and living by creating businesses that support the most number of people in the shortest time possible.


To collaborate with like-minded individuals in teamwork and partnership to create and optimize resources while building a faction of delighted advocates to share our lives with.


To always create an environment where talent is nurtured, partnerships are revered and people are respected.

OUR Belief

We believe that doing the right things with the right people is the best way to live. With a collective business structure, we believe that there are no clients – only partners and teams who share a common vision to build a better world through business and friendship.

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